Previous Editors Toronto events

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June 6, 2023Meeting – Annual General Meeting
May 30, 2023Meeting – Ask the Editor Hive: Growing Your Business
April 25, 2023Meeting –  Editing Tips for Poetry Lovers (and Haters)
March 28, 2023Meeting – Freelance Editing in the Cookbook and Recipe Niche
February 28, 2023Meeting – Editors Changing Roles: From News to Tech
January 24, 2023Meeting – Editing and Writing in the Financial Industry
December 13, 2022Event – End-of-the-Year Social (in person)
November 22, 2022Meeting – Thoughts (& Prayers) on the Future of Business-to-Business Writing
October 25, 2022Meeting – What Editors Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence (AI) Writers
September 27, 2022Meeting  – Software as a Service (SaaS) Companies Need Editors! How Editors Help Software Products Succeed

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